Back Up / Format / Fresh Start

Those of you that are slightly more in touch with your nocturnal MMORPG side will understand me when I say, sometimes you’ve just got to format it all and start again.

I decided that the hard drive data I’ve maintained since 2009, without losing any real significant data, needed refreshing. Of course there’s a number of files that I have that I needed to port over (Media files from various trips, gigs, practices, etc, projects from Final Cut, Reason, Ableton, Logic, etc). However, instead of doing a ‘Ghost’ / ‘SuperDuper’ transfer, I formatted my new 1TB Hard Drive and just copied the raw media files and Music Projects. Other than that, no presets were kept. No favourites, no nothing!

Honestly, It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time for a few reasons.

  1. My Laptop is running smoother than my skin (Super silky! *Puts on Hater-Shades*)
  2. I have more control over my filing system – needless to say it was a half organised mess. I knew where things were, but wan’t entirely happy with them.
  3. I’ve got complete control of what I’m downloading. As It’s a Macbook, there’s no ‘official’ way of uninstalling apps. This time round, I’m installing things that I’ll actively use – not things that I want.
  4. It’s like a spring clean for your Hard Drive – After you’ve spent time deciding on what’s truly important. You’ll soon realise that you’ve got a ton of ‘stuff’ that you’ve been saving for later. Well, now you can see it in plain view, all organised and colour coded.
  5. You may develop a temporary, very very temporal, infliction to OCD. I find myself deleting items in the downloads folder out of fear it’ll end up like my last HD which had about 434 folders named “downloads”.

So if you take any advice from the above post – Consider doing this task. It did take me about 2-3 days (including the time it took to copy the data) to complete the process. But hey, I’m happy!

Now I need to sign off with a clever hard drive joke.


*Wheel spins off*

(I know, It’s poor :( ).

Let’s study! (again)

After Graduating I realised that there was a significant difference between my lifestyle at home in comparison to my lifestyle at uni. I know, tequila shots for breakfast, women all around me and me throwing up… my student Loan to impress them. But what I truly was lacking, and you’ll laugh at this a little, was something I was doing everyday subconsciously and complained whenever it was conscious… Studying.

Being an Arts student, your lecturer will always find ways to make your daily routines questionable – if you don’t believe me, I once got to the point where I was listening to frequency changes in sea waves. It wasn’t more than a couple minutes. To be honest, anything over 30 seconds is probably sufficient reason to seek medical help.
I digress, the point Im making is, all of the projects we did, homework, study material, any wok outside lectures and seminars had the potential to be as wild as you could imagine. E.G. Once I made a song about a Tea Bag, i’ve made songs that only have 2 notes. These are things that Im don’t really shout about, but they show the extent of madness I reached. – I’m lying, Im proud of them like they were my own children!

I’ve decided to fill that missing void, and to do so in a very strange way. Initially I wanted to go back to my geeky routes and start doing projects again (working with the Kinect, Puredata, the weird and wonderful side of new media creation). However, my day-to-day job doesn’t leave much time for me to dedicate enough time. I can get started on many projects, but just not have the time to complete them. So, I’ve gone down a much more interesting path. I’ve decided to get a shiny new qualification. This being TEFL.


Random, as always. However, let’s add up the factors that have aided us to arrive at this decision.

  • I’ve previously taught before as a Music Technology teacher and you can ask the school, after I graduated, was ready to go back. This was the year before I went to Uni.
  • I think quite a lot about how actions affect people. More so than I’d like to admit at times. This falls in fairly neatly because I felt like I made a large difference when getting feedback from students.
  • I have a bunch of Spanish friends who ask “How do you say _____ in English?” and 80% of the time, I can tell them the answer but not why. A basic example: What’s the difference between, “Can you do it?” and “You can do it!” – That small change native speakers do without thought. However, I had not realised that the two were not interchangeable. You’re not able to say “You can do it?”.
  • I’ve wanted to go out and live in Spain for a long time now. Pretty much since my first few Spanish lessons (It’s the tapas lifestyle, it’ll get you and get you good). With the Crisis that’s currently going on, It’s not wise to just take the ‘travelling’ approach and just book a flight. So, why not add in a qualification and see how things go from there.

So now, things should be a little more clearer. I guess this is also me announcing that I’m on the path to moving country for a little bit. Heh – tadahh?


I’ve signed up to do the 150hr TEFL course which, by my calculations, seems to be:

One working week per month for 4 months in hours. 37.5hrs every month. That might be too ambitious or too little but I need to get my head round what 150 hours is and that seems like a fair division. I’ve started the basic intro modules this week and really can’t report a lot on it. However, as I found reading other people’s blogs helpful, those that have done the course, I will aim to write about it often.


To finish, I wanted to share a quote from one of the intro modules that I thought was really quite fitting. I guess it’s a bit of a goal for me on top of completing the course:

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” 
~ Albert Einstein


I’ve always been against them. If you think about what a diet is, it’s really quite a demanding task. Im all game for new challenges in life – Logic 10 comes out, i want to use it and master it. GTA 5 is released, I consider my life / work balance to see where I can fit time for life & work around the game. However, a diet is something i would have never done 5-6 months ago.

  • I can only eat this much in a day?
  • I need to avoid carbs like the plague
  • If I want to snack, all those beautiful chocolates and biscuits are replaced by fruit?
  • Some fruits are actually carbs?! – This one is genuinely true.
  • So you may have guessed but I started a diet on 1st September. I read loads on the internet, spoke to friends that have already gotten onto the health wagon and asked them all “What’s the quickest, and safest, way to loose weight in about a month?” The general response, “Eat Less.” I come from a family where if you’ve eaten to the point where you pretty much pass out (the itis / food sleep) someone will tell you, “There’s more food!” When you wake from your food induced slumber. I can’t simply “Eat Less.” You are asking me to turn back on 23 solid years of eating as if I were going to hibernate.

    Luckily, when speaking to others, another answer appeared. A middle ground if you will. “Cut out the carbs.” They are the ones that are helping you maintain the belly, get rid of them, get rid of the flubber. I thought that was it. I avoid chips and stuff like that and weightloss, here i come. I was so right, yet so wrong. Let me define the “And Stuff” part, considering we’re aware that chips are on the forbidden list.

    Rice, Yam, Potatoes, Chips (naturally), Pasta (definitely avoid), bread, croissants, bagels, baps and beyond. I used to eat rice pretty much daily, if not 3-4 times
    Per week, minimum. If there was no rice, yam or potatoes were the happy subsititutes. When life takes your carbs away, the substitutes are also carbs. Do not forget this.

    Moreover, “Meal Deals” – Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison, all of you vendors of calorific goodness. Why, please tell me, why would you make something so nicely packaged, quick and easy yet so wrong. In some instances getting a Kebab is healthier than these things (Well, minus the pita and chips). All of these quick meals are just silent fatties that attack a poor unsuspecting victim like my hunger. Especially if i was going to follow the “Eat Less” approach, this would have been a terrible idea.

    However, like all things… There is a suspended 7th, some strings in the mix, or in English – light at the end of the tunnel (yes, I know music jokes will never be funny… To non-musicians :D). I can, and do, eat a fair amount as what we will class as “better foods”. Realistically, there’s no such thing as good and bad. uf you can burn it off you can eat it.

    Chicken – lots of protein, not exactly a number cause of obesity, when it’s not deep fried. Im eating a lot more of this.

    Fruits – Grapes primarily as other fruits are naturally high in sugars and some, like apples, in carbs. Bananas or, if we’re feeling slightly more extravagant, blueberries.

    Vegetables – Again, ive detested them for many years out of shear ignorance. My excuse, my first experience was with Brocoli…. I can be forgiven for not trusting the rest. Lettuce, Gherkins (funnily enough, Polish Gherkins – that’s another story), mushrooms, tomato – but that is by force not choice. They’re too juicy (and i know they’re a fruit but who eats actually clases them as fruit when eating them? They sit with vegetables).

    Liquids – I drink a lot more water. Although there is a myth that this fills you up, it does actually keep your mouth and mind busy. When you want to snack, take a few gulps of water. You’ll realise two things very quickly. The first – How much you think about snacking which is quite suprisingly high. The second, how god your body is at not telling you “we should go to the toilet” and instead prefers “Yo man . We gotta go. Now!”

    In summary – Diets arent so bad. Dont kill yourself by eating nothing, but be aware that there are a lot more options than “The Celary Diet”.

    I’m not a nutriosinist, and nor am i skinny – therefore all the above could be lies. Im just a guy that believes that if you manage it, its not the biggest problem. Also, im doing a lot more excercise, daily. But that’s something ill save another blog but its quite amazing how 5mins of workout can leave you questioning life ;).

    Ya me voy…

    Como ya sabeis, y si no, ya os explico bien, no he estado en España antes… Nunca. Ni ningun país que se habla Español. Así, este momento es algo especial para mi (intentaré que no sea muy cursi :p).

    La historia fue como empece aprender Españo. Me gustó la idioma, las culturas que tiene, y claro que, a mi, era algo nuevo. Pero siempre, aún hoy, me pasa esto cuando alguien me dice:

    Alguna Persona “¿Donde has estado en España?”
    Yo “No he estado…(con un poco de verguenza porque ya sé la siguente frase que va a decir)”
    Alguna Persona“Pero… No tiene sentido? No es lejos ni un país caro”

    … Si tuvé un centavo para cada vez que me pasa… Uyyyy….Tal vez Me ducharaía con Evian ;). De todas formas, ¿a donde voy? No os doy una pista… ¿¡Adivina?! Sí. Eso es.

    Compré los billetes el día anterior de mi cumple y desde luego, he hecho una lista de cosas que quiero hacer cuando llegue. La lista va así

    • Hacer una clase de Salsa – yo sé que es algo que se hace en sud america pero… Cuesta mas Irme allí
    • Aprender cocinar la comida Española – No significa todoooo pero al menos, unos platos. Algo para volver a casa.
    • Hacer fieston y fiesta Española – no sé cuantas veces he escuchado “Eso nunca pasa en España. Es una…”Miii-hermana” ;)
    • Evitar ser mas ‘Morenito’ – Ja. La lista solo tiene cosa que qiero que pasen. Pero si sea cualquier cantidad mas negro… Mi familia Morirán de risa.

    Por ahora, eso es. Pero seguro que la lista va a encontrar mas cosas para mi.

    Y nada. Solo queria poner mis pensamientos en un sitio y ojála alguien lo vea y me deje un commentario de cosas que quiere que haga… Quien sabe? ;).


    Shakka – Tribe

    By now, you will have realised that I mostly take time to write about what inspires me, intrigues or captures my attention. You may have noticed that my attention is easily capture by shiny objects, geeky objects and of course most musical objects. However, on this occasion… I’d like to point out that this post in particular… Is more than “capturing interest.”

    I’ve been following Shakka for a while now. First introduced to his Shakkapellas – I could write a whole new post on my obsession with these. But I’ll leave that for you to define. After finding him on Twitter, he was promoting his new free EP. This was “The Shakka Crown Affair.” Which, again… Another blog post. But… The real reason why I’m babbling and hyping? This:


    To describe it in a few words would forever would result in elipses. It’s not possible. It’s a soulful blend of Gospel Grooves, Catchy vocal hooks, band diven selection of 6 tracks. The well placed call & respond vocal riffs glue all these things together to make it not only festival friendly but perfect for fighting the inner child tin you. That urge to burst out into song on your monday morning commute.

    Im a huge fan of all live music, obviously because I’m in a band that promotes this, but this EP connects with me because it mixes many of my favourite elements. The gospel chops from the drummer, spaced out bass lines giving breathing space for catchy guitar riffs and vocal hooks. It’s like a really good cake…. That you never knew had Jam in the centre.

    Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Ft. Nile Rogers & Pharrell)

    Most artists reach a peak with their album releases and their touring all over the globe and then go on a career break. During this time they try and live a normal life, I would assume see friends or family. Daft Punk however, chose to do something different. They chose to time travel.

    Daft Punk are back and on their
    travels, travelling through the inter-galatic planetarium of time, (Yes, I know… Lame) it would seem they’ve brought back a gift in the form of disco. Now I’m a lover of most kinds of music (I showered to Symphony and Metallica just the other day – this is no joke). However, let’s take a moment to really analyse this gift.

    The duo from France have created some of my favourite songs, for many aspects – making me dance, attempt to robotize my own voice without the aid of effects – this project didn’t fair so well, but above all… They have given me many fine examples of how even the smallest sample can be developed into an album that is still fascinates my musically charged mind.

    With that said, I guess what I’m trying to say that I’m slightly let down by their latest release. Although it features some big names in the music game (Nile, Pharell)… Im not entirely sure the world would have had the same reaction if it was released by your average band. Imagine, Offbeat South – Get Lucky… Even I can admit that it’s not really causing the same excitement as seeing Daft Punk. The song is a good solid 4 to the floor groove with a bassline that feels like its forever ready to do more. Topped off with the traditional funky licks on guitar. But other than that, The only element of what we know as daft punk enters the song towards the end. The smallest, 30 or so, seconds of robotised vocals.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the song. You may have even caught me singing the chorus with my eyes closed as if i made it… But I suppose i just wish there was more Electronic elements, that Daft Punk sonic footprint.

    Still, who knows…. The album could be quite a surprise. You never know with these two :)

    Hola Mundo

    … Y de repente, aqui estamos :). Asi, llevo unos año aprendiendo esta lengua y ha llegado el tiempo para practicar, demostrar, y sobre todo usarla. Hablo mas que escribo…no es decir que no puedo escribir, pero no lo hago suficiente. Por eso, tengo que escribir mas.

    Si estas leyendo sin traducir, lo siento mucho por mis errores. Todavia, hay que aprender mas. Sino, la curiosidad a veces puede ser una buena cosa. Esta vez, la que tienes, la usas bien :).

    Pues, yo no tengo una meta ni objectivo, solo para decir que ya empezo escribir algunos de mis Blogs en Español. No sé como va a ser, pero sé que lo que sea… Será divertido :). Y por lo menos, podré ver atras y ver que poco he aprendido en el futuro :P

    Bueno… Ya está. Hasta la proxima…