They say 'Hello', they say 'Ola' and they say 'Bonjour'.

It is true, i have been to southampton but i dunno why anyone would go to Scunthorpe. With this in mind, hello.

So this is my latest way of keeping you, whoever is unfortunate to stumble across this page, informed on me, who is fairly fortunate in the area of stumbling.
It’s 4am and to be honest i really don’t know why i’m not asleep, so i may aswell ramble. I make lots of different types of music and if you have a little search around this wordpress you will come across my soundcloud, myspace, facebook which all contain a selection of songs. I think i’ll save an indepth ‘about me’ for a separate post but for now;

My name’s Ken, Kenneth, never Kenny and i make music under the name KayDee or KayDee28. I’m studying a music tech course at Brighton and generally speaking, i’m a mahooosive geek. I try and hide it but for some reason people seem to find out fairly fast, maybe it’s my glasses.

Either way, i think i’ll read this back in the morning and realise how i should have just gone to bed. So i say ‘goodbye’, i say ‘goodnight’ and i say ‘bon nuit’.


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