So i have two projects due in pretty soon. One is a 2,000 word essay (which isn’t a lot at all but i need to do a fair amount of research) and the other is using PureData and making a system where anyone can create music without touching their laptop or computer, all you need is a mic. To make things interesting you will be able to control effects with a Wiimote and if you don’t have a wiimote the later version will make use of your webcam. Quite fun but also challenging.

So of these two you can guess which i want to do first and you can also guess which of the two is due first. With my house inspection done, meaning i was forced to tidy my room, i gonna go where no student has gone before… yes, i am about to…it pains me to say this but, i’m going to stop procrastinating! *Dramatic Chipmunk* :D.

Funny how my first post in the uni category is about stopping procrastination… first of many i guess.

I’ll make a post about each project when there’s more to say, so yeah. Off to work!


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