"Sounds like a gameboy down a well"

So my essay is due in 23hours and i’m only on 873 words since starting yesterday. So you know, it’s going pretty well :(. I guess this post is a form of procrastination, maybe the pressure of finishing will make the essay better? – I hope it will.

Anywho, the reason for my latest blabber is in my research i’ve found a few interesting quotes, a load of useless ones but most importantly funny ones. I shall list them for you now:

Sounds like a gameboy down a well.
Costello, Elvis (Declan McManus) (1954)
British singer and songwriter. Referring to techno music.

I think popular music in this country is one of the few things in the twentieth century that have made giant strides in reverse.
Crosby, Bing (Harry Lillis Crosby) (1904 – 1977)
US singer. Interview in This Week

Listen kid, take my advice, never hate a song that has sold half a million copies.
Berlin, Irving (Israel Baline) (1888 – 1989)
Russian-born US composer. Giving advice to Cole Porter.

Roll Over Beethoven.
Berry, Chuck (1931)
US rock-and-roll musician. Song title.

In Manchester, you either become a musician, a footballer, a drugs dealer or work in a factory. And there aren’t a lot of factories left, y’know.
Gallagher, Noel (1967)
British pop musician in the group Oasis . The Guardian Weekend, 4 Jan 1997

We don’t get groupies. We get teenagers who want to read us their poetry.
Stipe, Michael
US singer with the group REM. Q, 1 Sept 1994

For those curious my essay is, “The Modern Artist: The Influence of Technology on Today’s Musician.”, for those even more curious i’ll most likely post it up sometime tomorrow when it’s handed in and i’ve caught up on lost hours of sleep and finally for those who really don’t care… see my community leader, Mr.Khan:

Back to my essay,

Laterrrrrrrr 🙂


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