Under 2days untill deadline


So last week i promised i’d explain what my 2nd project, due for friday morning 11am :o, was about. Hoooowwwwever, i’ve decided that this project is worth a video rather than a rambling. As clue it involves a familiar object:

You know it, right? You want to know, right? Well…i guess i could give you a sneek preview


So, i assume you like the sneak preview. I hand it in on friday but have to perform it the following week, so maybe i’ll do two videos. That be the plan. So technically, i’ve just wasted your time but caught your attention – Can’t get much better than this.

Patience, it’s a bit like marmite (Love/Hate).

Anywho, i got some programming to do if this is gonna be perfect for friday.



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