God Bless America

Yes, i know a lot of you are hatin’ on America for various silly reason but i don’t care. At this moment in my life, i’m One-Hundred-And-Twenty-Percent a fan! Let me tell you why;

So last weekend i decided it was time to get a new bike. My old one was from halfords, got stolen and insurance didn’t wanna know (partly my fault, but we won’t go into that). So i’m searching gumtree, i find a alright 17″ frame bike just a few miles out of brighton being sold for £60. Naturally, i get the price down to £50 and phone the seller to ask for the post code and arrange a time to meet.

Some time passes, sleep may have been involved and also some consumtion of food and we fast forward to sunday. I drive past loads and loads of open fields, on a real nice sunny day, so i’m feeling pretty good. Arrive at this guys house and meet him and his wife (Andrew, Annie and their Golden Retriver).
The bike is a little smaller than i expected, but it’s only £50… so i take it for a little spin and decided to take it. When i return from my ‘spin’ Annie asks me about uni, what i do and what i study – just general conversation, and then says: “We’re moving back to the US at the end of the month, do you need any of these folders / binders?” Obviously, if they’re gonna get chucked away, i can be that hero. I can be the man to save them :). So she puts them in a bag, then continues around the kitchen picking up items and saying that either i take them or she’ll throw them away. Naturally, i can’t let it go to waste.

So this happens for a few mins then we move to the garage, where there’s a box full of extension cables (power)… clearly, no one ever has enough of those badboys and i was slyly just wishing, hoping and praying…then Annie says “Oh we can’t use these in the US cause we’d need to buy adaptors and it’s hassle. Take them too.”

So, the point i’m getting at is i load all this stuff into my car – the bike, the cables, the mugs, etc etc and then think about how much it all costs… if i were to buy all of the stuff they gave me, it’d come to about £30 – £40… so essentially, i got my bike…for free? Seriously, it was a VERY good day. For those actually wanting to ‘value’ my takings:

6 Mugs, Pepper Mill, one of those air tight sugar jars (the rubber ring), loads of folders and binders, 7 extension cables (which aren’t really any cheaper than £4 each), a massive storage box which would probs cost £15 – £20.

Another thing that made me smile was two of the phrases they said, things we never say here. The first being me saying “Thank you very much” when Annie handed me my storage box of joy and her response being, “You’re welcome very much!” I’m not gonna lie, it confused me for a second. The other phrase was when i was reversing out of their drive – it’s a really narrow lane that you reverse onto so Andrew stood in the middle of the road. So after a car passes Andrew says: “You’re in good shape”, not commenting on my physique…but meaning “You’re good to go”.

So yeah, there’s my little ramble about my weekend.

So with the WiiMote and updates in general, i’ve been slacking but i’m definitely on it this week. I’m gonna hire a camera from uni to film my newest creation.


Ha, i just clicked preview – this is a LONNNNG post that’s not really about much. Oh well,

– Enjoy.


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