On a small note

I have to start writing shorter blogs. When i look at the front page i feel like someone just passed me one of those Harry Potter Bricks…err, books – Yes, i went there.

Just a few quick updates really:

1# – No more longs blogs, cause to be honest… i don’t even wanna read them back.

2# – I’m uploading a video to youtube as i type (107minutes remain, hooray 😦 ). I know i promised it TIMMEEE ago but you know, i’m lazy by nature and consistent with it to.

3# – I have a lot of freetime on my hands i’ve decided instead of wasting my summer, like i have done for the past few years, i’m gonna use it productively (I’m serious). So i’ve got a couple plans for collabs, fun geeky stuff and obviously most importantly – pointless funny music!

That’s it for now,

I still kinda need a cool tagline to end my blogs with.

How about,

Much Love,

…ahh, but i don’t love you.


Peace out,


yeahh…but your peace isn’t my peace.

How about-

Ok Bye! 🙂


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