I went away for a minute, now i'm back

So i’ve kinda neglecting this blog for a bit cause …well, cause i’m lazy. But, that’s ok. You know, it’s alright to be lazy now and then. Anywho, couple new things happening, new songs, new projects, just new new new.

First off, i turned 20 on monday and i hard a long hard reflection upon my life… Yup, still flawless even my birth :D. So monday was fun, but the true celebrations are this saturday – BBQ time.

I’m doing a remix of a track of two big names, i guess that depends on how well you rate the two of them but in my eyes they are big. I’m not gonna say to much about it cause i feel like ‘holding back’ until it’s done.

What else, what else… Oh, i’ve decided to make a small compilations of frequency layered upon frequency with varying amplitudes… Err, how do you say…

An Album!

(Oh My Gawd, not like this)

More on that later cause i think it kinda needs a bit more depth and this is just a short post to say “Whaddup Dawg”. So yeah, as always expect new things but this time expect them more frequently, demand them if you must, use your grans phone if you have to…Demand!

That’s enough noise for now.



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