Sports Direct has finally closed?


Anyone that has a Sports Direct in their town will know that this is almost impossible. For people that are confused, let me break down for you.

Sports Direct has a habit of having a closing down sale

Everyone goes in and clears ALL the stock.

A couple weeks later the shop miraculously finds out that they no longer need to close and re-opens as normal.

So what makes it different this time is because everytime i come back to my Mum’s house, another shop has closed (aparently it’s Recession). Soon enough i guess we wont go “into town to get new jeans” we’ll just, “have to stay in because the Tesco Direct delivery will be here between 9 – 6”.

Kinda strange if you think about it… So, think about it.

[I’m not hating on online shopping, cause im definitely a big user. Just strange how we’ve all sort of accepted going to a ‘Shopping Center’ with only 3 shops.]



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