I may aswell begin this post with a not so interesting fact about me.

My name is Ken, and sometimes i am lazy beyond belief.

Now, some of you may share this way of life with me, a lot of you are even better at it than me. Here’s my advice for whenever you happen to find yourself feeling this way;


The benefits are you don’t use any energy and life just floats on by. The cons, ha… while life floated by, it  casually tapped you on your back and whispered “You’re it“. Yes, you are now playing the game of ‘It’ but the only problem is, catching up with life is not as easy as you thought.
I’d be rich or famous or something like that if i knew the cure for this outbreak of laziness / procrastination. However, i do have an idea of ways of helping it. Here’s an example:

I’m in my final year of university, i have approximately two lectures per week, one of them is an optional seminar. [Yes, it’s time to do some maths].

52 weeks in a year and of those probably 30 are spent at uni.

30[weeks] x 2[lectures] = 60 lectures per year.
This year my fees are somewhere near £3,500
So, 3,500 [pounds] ÷ 60 [lectures] = £58.33 per lecture.

Now, that’s if i attend every lecture. When you look at it that way… i’m paying £120 a week on education and i’m spending my time staring at what’s new on YouTube (Test me, i’ll never fail).

When you put things into perspective, it helps you to think clearer.
With this said i’m off to watch Naruto THEN do my essay. What? I’m not perfect just yet.

Laterz Eazy Crew!


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