Final Project…Begin!

Oh Hi durr!

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated this but it’s all for legit, valid and above board reasons. The first being The Big Audition. Now as for this part of my life I’m writing a full blog on Friday for you to get the low down on what happened, so just check back here on the 2nd December!

Now i will be doing a video / written journal of my findings for my final project. So there’s no better time than starting now. A lot of the first few blogs will most likely be videos, pics and links of interesting things I’ve found (Which may not be interesting) but the final project will be sweet.

Earlier i was doing some research and came across this video from The Gadget Show. I can honestly say it’s both inspiring and beyond impressive. I could blabber on all day but it’s a 20min video so I’ll allow them to do it.

Link if the above does not show: . YouTube Search: “‪Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator”

Here are a list of companies involved:

- Running In The Dark [Rith]
- appBlaster [appToyz]
- MSE Weibull [Omni-Directional Treadmill and Motion Tracking]
- Igloo Vision [Projection and 360-degree Dome]
- Aps events and media Ltd [Visual Manipulation]
- Robo Challenge [Paintball Marker Control System]
- Extra Dimensional Technologies [Ambient Lighting]
- Mobile Mouse [Touchpad Pro]

My final project has similar concepts and programs as the above. I’ll be using a Kinect, Dark Room and Projections. – Doesn’t seem exciting? Well, keep following and prove me wrong.



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