The Big Audition [Short Recap]

Two blogs, in one week?!

Damn Straight fools! I told you things were gonna start being more organized and somehow… It’s happening.
I promised that I’d write about The Big Audition and give you a little sneak peak of the behind the scenes… but, i changed my mind:

Now after watching that you are most likely either confused or very confused – this is normal. Breaking it down simply, we will be releasing a longer video at somepoint next week (There are 7 of us, these things take time)! So count this as a little teaser.

Im gonna keep this blog short as, well… I talk too much :).

The links for all your favourite outlets are here:

Twitter: OffbeatSouth
Facebook: Offbeat South
Youtube: OffbeatLondon

Until next time,

To Infinity and Beyond!
(What? Can i not like Toy Story?)


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