“Sonic Kinect”

From now until Aprill / May time you may notice that this blog will be filled with blood, sweat and tiredness (cause real men don’t cry, they just get tired, then grumpy). Anywho, after presenting my final project concept yesterday, tuesday 6th december, i now have aproximately 3-4 months to create, design, improve and display my final project. So i thought now would be, as it’s fresh on my mind, the perfect time to explain what i am attempting to do.

To create an immersive, logic (intelligence, not the program) and objective based game. The game will be primarily narrative driven however the user interpretation – understanding what is required – is what my main focus is. As a composer, producer, digital musician, whatever you want to label me as (within reason), there will be use of what i can only describe as a reactive sound-scape. To advance within the game you will have to complete objectives using certain gestures of moving to specific locations within the space.
How this possible:
This is where it may get a little bit technical so I’ll try not to over geekify it.
I’m going to be using surround or quadrophonic sound (5 / 4 speakers) within a small dark room. The room will be large enough to be intimate, not claustrophobic. To be able to track the gestures and player position, I will of course be using the Xbox Kinect. Finally I may include the use of visuals – but my skills in that area lack so it’s maybe for version 2.

Like all project there needs to be planning upon planning upon planning. And, like all project, I have a rough guide to when i envision certain aspects to be started and then completed. This guide, looks something like…;

Rough layout for the run up to the Final Show.

Level Complete: I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who have knowledge, and are also very creative, so as ambitious as this may or may not seem – It will be done. I know it’s too early for appalause and thanks but I’d like to say a big thank you to Iman (@organised) from Running In The Halls 😉 as i contacted him about my idea and he got back to me within a matter of hours with some very useful tools and information. Secondly to Dr. Thor (@ThorMagnusson) from Brighton University, my tutor who seems to always know the solution or answer. – which is quite useful.

So, no time to be all mushy. The dissertation is in for this Friday so I’ve got more words to write in another corner of the world.
[ Note: You can follow this progress both here and on twitter by looking for “#MyFinalProject” if you feel like back tracking. ]

Major, Lazer, Laters!

– Ken


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