Pizza Express? You didn’t tell me

So apparently a lot of you were unaware that we (Offbeat South) were performing this week at pizza express. Im quite sure i even made a video about it all but it’s all good.

I havent really had a chance to blog much being busy with rehearsals and organising things but i have to say, things are occuring around us that we still haven’t really sunk in. First off, we performed in Pizza Express Jazz club in Soho. I dont know if you’ve been but it’s a realy nice intimate venue (roughly 100 people capacity). We had two nights that we had “Full Creative Control” over and it was just amazing.

Secondly, and ive said this to the acts themselves and it still hasn’t changed, i was amazed by the game that all the support acts brought. Singers, rappers, drummers, bassists, clarinetists (is that a word)… All types of musicians who all are destined for great things! I actually wanna go see the majority of them this year if i can, just amazing. If you’re following me on twitter you’ll see i’ve been making noise about them.

Hopefully there’ll be a video of the actual gig out some point before the end of february – Dont worry, there’s other things in the making for your visual pleasure before then.

Now i know we have been saying Thank you a lot, and the word will soon loose meaning but really and truely we are grateful for all of you who contributed and supported us to where we are today, and hopefully will carry on doing just that.

I think i need to sleep again as those nights really did take all my energy (and that, if you dont know, is near impossible).



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