My Nightlife Has Changed

 [ My new version of ‘going out’ ]

So the above is an exact representation of what has become and will continue to be. This is how I’m redefining partying all night. The party begins with some toast (replacing predrinking) and ends when i can no longer do simple equations (replacing drunken gibberish). After presenting in my work in progress unit, I’ve realised that once again there is yet more work to do. Allow me to explain;


[+] Overall Concept: Something needs to be established early on before i get lost in my own world of programming and mapping. As difficult as it is to do all things at once, it will make the impact of the game a lot stronger.

[+] Where it is set: So there are many different types of Games of all different natures but they are not all set on Earth. Sounds simple, i know, but establishing this will influence the way i design each stage.

[+] Atmospheres: These wonderful things will be the heart of the game. This is where the, subconscious, magic happens. Focusing on how they will affect the player in both a subtle and obvious manner. E.G. Before the game has begun an atmosphere should be evident, “As if you have entered another world.” Both sonically and physically.

[+] Mixdown: Use of surround sound (5.0, 5.1, 8, etc) or wireless headphones. This needs to be decided as if I need to mixdown bin-aurally it will be completely different from mixing for 5+ channels. The reason why it will be surround is almost to compensate for the lack of visuals. As much as I don’t want to admit it, without visuals the sound will need to be as active and relatively complex as I can.

[+] Gestures: I’ve written a lot about this in my notes, the plethora of gestures that we know is probably under-looked. Futhermore, we live in an age where gesture recognition is becoming more evident with the advent of wireless technologies. With this is mind, I’m going to need to be able to recognise a few typical gestures and employ them into gameplay. E.G. Waving, jumping, bending, praying, bowing, punching, kicking, etc.

There are some more lesser details which I won’t go into but I guess what I’m trying to stress is… Work rate is stepping up. Im going to try to do more videos and less of these long explanations.

Until then,
Stay classy San Dieago.”


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