Behind Schedule

I am late!

Three words that create a lot of concern within myself looking at my gantt chart, (See previous blog post). Where I should be, and comparing that to where I am, is not exactly correlating. This is a little to do with work commitments an band commitments. However, It is only me who I can blame for these commitments!

So like with all problems in life, there is a solution – yes, always! – But, this solution is necessarily a nice one. Running on 5hours sleep, writing and posting this blog at work, im going to work like the project is due in 2weeks.

Thats right, that leaves me until the 1st Aprill.

This technique might sound a little extreme, buuuut i dont really work in the ‘norm’. Also, this blog post was inspired by something i stumbled upon earlier by Jay Bernson entitled, “How to Build a Game In a Week, From Scratch.” (Between you and me, I’ve given myself an extra week considering my game is not exactly a typical game.)

Hopefully the next post is accompanied with a video, more sleep and a pinch of optimism ;).

Up, Up and Awaaay,


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