Re-inventing the wheel, maybe not.

Moment of realization

So I don’t know why i fought this for so long but it’s become apparent now, so let’s discuss! I’m building this 5 star, highly anticipated, amazing, accredited game (or simply put, ‘A Game’). Now, I’ve been looking at the concept of the game, more than the tech side, recently after being advised by my lecturers. I was trying to find numerous ways of making my game the latest and greatest. An audio game that has never been done, with equipment that is very modern. All sounds great, until you spending days of frustration wondering why it is that no ideas are coming.

I could show you some of the concepts I had, but you will quickly realise what I did. They were just reflections of great games concepts already made… and that’s exactly what I should be doing! I shouldn’t be trying to be this mega company that is pioneering in the latest tech and the greatest minds. Crawl before, walking. Learning how to sing before I can be a judge (Slight X-Factor sting? Possibly 😉 ). You get the idea, there is no need for me to try and make something new when, to be honest… there’s a plethora of great stuff out there.

So what’s the new movement, the next pathway, the next page in this wonderful chapter? Well it’s simple, all 21 years of dedicating my life to playing games is finally going to be of some use, again. I’ve looked at my main influences for this game [Papa Sangre / The Nightjar]  I have to say, It’s quite nice to read posts from people in the realms of professionalism who still show signs of madness similar to mine. Almost makes me feel at home :). Anyway, I’ve looked at these games and said, let’s bring this to life… again.

So, I guess you can now call me Frankenstein? 😮
– k3n


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