Tons of Audio, Where to manage it?

As you know Sonic Kinect is a completely audio based game which, for the majority of users I hope, will be quite exciting and something new. Now. Here’s the logic behind some it…

Visual games render images through gaming systems of old and new. Designed to handle large quantities of Jpegs, Bmps, Gifs, whatever. Audio, however, is not so forunate. We have systems in place to run cleverly in conjunction with a visual based program but not so much on the sole audio side. This is where improvising a little comes in handy.

The objective is simple, I need something that can handle lots of audio, change tempos wihout having to get too much into automation, but run continously (even if silently) throughout the game. Almost like… A Dj? Now tell me, where could i find a DJ program that could do all that and maybe trigger a few samples here and there?

To all the guys and girls at Ableton, I love you :D! You’ve literally made something fairly complex and painstaking much prettier and fun. I’ve been spending the last two or so weeks getting to grips with the program and have to say, it is impressive.

On the back of this blog will be a little update post where you can see this working within Sonic Kinect.

Until then,

Stay classy San Dieago 😉
– k3n.




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