[Video Blog #1] – “Test Your Reflexes”

Like i said earlier, in “Behind Schedule“, I was going to set myself a self-deadline just to see how much I could do. The task was to complete the game within 2weeks. So, before we continue, I’d like you to note the date of the video upload not when this blog post was written. Why? Well, Today is the 6th and the video was in-fact uploaded on the 3rd (Those of you who follow me on twitter will know it took a whole day to compile, edit, export and upload a similar video with more content. But, In all honesty, this was done exactly when I promised it would be).

Aww, isn’t he purdy 😉

So although the introduction does give you an outline of the video im going to explain it in a little more detail here.

Test Your Reflexes
We begin to delve into the story of the game a little deeper now. The level is aptly named Test Your Reflexes as it has been made, in the hope, that you shall be tested and your mind will have to work on a higher level. The premise is that Flow (Our resident robot of guidance) is shooting digital fireballs to either your left, right or center – This will be in 5.1 but for the moment we’ll stick to stereo until it’s more developed. As the fireball is shot towards you, you must dodge (by in the opposite direction) to escape being hit and ultimately loosing. Upon completion, each successful dodge is totaled and each failure is also totaled. The sum of the two determines if you have been successful and as Flow states, “If you are, you will be able to move onto the next task.“How this ties into the game is fairly simple and I’ll try explaining without giving too much of the storyline away.
Our ‘player’ will have, in 9/10 cases, never played an audio. To be honest, I’m not really completely certain of any that involve body tracking, but that’s another story for another blog. Following a normal gaming patterns we always begin a game with two entities.

1 – Character Introductions: This may be your new alter-ego within an RPG or other non-playable characters.
2 – Control Introductions: The basic movement and mechanics of the game.

So the level in question, will get our Player to begin to understand how their movement is understood by the game and consequently how they can be better understood. For example, The first few reactions will either be a jump to small or very large jumps. As the pace of the fireballs increases, so does the fine tuning of your jump – you want to maximize the time you have in-between ‘shots’ and therefore try to jump with the next movement in mind.

Bugs / Glitches
It would seem the game isn’t yet perfect in the video, and I can admit this is true. However this is for two good reasons. 1) You may notice the laptop is on the ironing board in the same area where im jumping around like a fool. Yeah, that is almost self explanatory. 2) The beautiful thing about PureData is that you can always tweak set values ever so slightly for it to suit any space. So all I need to do is tweak how sensitive the Kinect is when i do jump around. This is easily rectified.

Pass or Fail
I set myself a task and I should be able to shout about my results, regardless of them being good or bad. Right? Well. I’ll be honest with myself and in turn with you as well. I’d say that this is only scraping a pass. The game is not 100% complete, not even near at the moment, but for 2 weeks work (realistically 1 and a half) it’s not too shabby. Im going to really try to make sure I keep on top of the blogs and keep updating you with videos as it inspires me to do more. Plus, its nice getting feedback. Hopefully this month should hold roughly 3-4 progress video blogs, like the one above.

To round it all up, It’s 18:31 on a Friday night and I’m making plans for sleeping as soon as this blog has been uploaded. I start work at 5am tomorrow morning so it seems the only social time / downtime i have is writing these and talking to the air…

hmmm… Im rambling.

I should sleep.



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