Meet Flow


Flow, or F.L.O.W., (Im hoping to invent a clever acronym for the character but Im stuck with “Futuristic Learning…Something?”. Any help would be appreciated). So Flow Is the name of the game’s narrator. A computer program, a robot, a droid but above all, you’re only form of insight. As the focus is on sounds It is important that each user builds up some form of relationship with Flow as they will involuntarily have to trust this entity. With this said, It’s time to find the recipe for a perfect voice.

Finding The Voice

I could have made another one of my infamous nonsensical videos containing how the reasearch for features, such as this, happened. However, I found a guy who, like myself, has no problems with talking to himself and somehow adding some educational value.

As much as I don’t want to admit it, many aspects of this video actually occured in exactly the same manner. Watch it, you’ll understand:

In short, it’s a guy named Torley (@Torley) who gives a demonstration on how to create a robotic style voice using Live’s vocoder. He goes through a number of patches demonstrating arpeggios, melodies and chords to show potential, and in some cases, never to be used patches. It’s fun, it’s educational, it’s free. Check his other stuff out on his website

The Result

What I ended up with wasn’t exactly what I had planned for but I think this is how the voice will sound for the game. As always things can change but you can get a little hello from Flow right here:


For those with a good ear you will realise there are a number of voices at different pitches and aplitudes to create this unified sound. To add extra emphasis to certain words I plan to ‘gate’ a harmony (possibly the 7th) that will, hopefully, create a sense of wholeness, entirety.


At the moment this isn’t on the top of my priority list due to the fact that as the game develops as will Flow. Maybe there might be a Flow v2? Or maybe even another droid :o?

Questions, questions and not many answers. A little bit like that series of Lost.
Im rambling, bedtime.

– k3n.


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