A Robot, With Feelings?

As i was doing some research on some Binaural panning, we’ll talk more about this venture soon, I stumbled across a guy named Renzu. A experimental artist that also dabbles a bit in Ableton Live addons. In his about section, on his website, he states,

With everything I do, I try to illustrate fantasy worlds, abstract inner worlds, paint musical portraits of people and characters, or evoke a past that may or may not have existed.

Quite a powerful statement and a one that is strongly backed up. How? Well, Check out this example.


There’s quite a lot I’m liking about this track. Primarily, it’s the atmospheric layers that he’s put in. Not too much happens to open the track but that isn’t really relevant until a few listens. Which leads me nicely onto my next point, simplicity. The song doesn’t really have tons and tons of audio but I write this while listening to the song for the 3rd or 4th time today. (Don’t worry, I left enough of a gap for it not to be abusive replaying) and it’s still fresh and I’m still hearing new  things that I didn’t before. A final element which I’m really loving is the cleanliness and the style of vocals. Very much of an Anime / Japanese influence, all that’s missing is a TV series to accompany it ;).

For me, the track is fairly inspirational. When looking at Sonic Kinect, I’m essentially trying to create a an alternative realm where sound is the medium carrying you into this new dimension. So to hear a piece of music that impresses me enough to write a blog, also inspires me to push harder on development.

This track is part of an album called ‘Robogirl in Love. A Free EP too so get it. I haven’t a chance to listen to it but I’m assuming it’s going to be fairly similar to what you’ve listen to above.
If you wanna find out more about Reznu and his stuff, check out his site @ www.seanny.net/


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