Who Am I?

Whenever I’m asked what it is I do… I always struggle to find a simple answer, or at least one that encompasses all I really want to say. To battle this we have the wonderful advent of our beloved Internet and all it’s strange corners. Now, to solve this issue of trying not to bore someone to death at a house party or  while being introduced I generally say, “I make music and interactive installations.” and then go on to give an example of installations they might have seen. However, I think it’s overdue that I make something that explains a little further, dances on that line of Interest and boredom. To do so, I enlisted the help of a friend of mine named Phillip Huberty (You can check his stuff out here: https://vimeo.com/philiphuberty). He filmed an Edited all of the following video to give a little insight into how I produce music.

[ Music Production ]


The next video is one filmed and edited by myself and has a showreel of the majority of projects I have been working on / been involved in for the past few years. It features a few collaborations with the likes of Daniel Griffiths (dgrizzle.wordpress.com) and Richard Willan (No website just yet). I call this part of my work ‘Digital Content Production’ because to be very honest, It’s not a very narrow category and its the best title I’ve thought of to encapsulate the more modern side.


[Digital Content Design ]



Simple really. Now, instead of boring someone with my stories of how I can make a Kinect track a user’s bongo playing via OSC and PureData, I can just drop them this fantastic link and they can pause it whenever they want.

As usual, all feedback is well received.

Clever phrase to sign off? Pfft, I don’t need one.
(see what i did there 😉 ).

– k3n


2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

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