Movement [Game Physics]

Let’s talk about game physics. Wiki describes it it as,

Game physics involves the introduction of the laws of physics into a simulation or game engine, […] for the purpose of making the effects appear more real to the observer.

So in note form, it looks something like this:

The above makes sense to me, I kinda hope it does to you but ill explain briefly. My theory was that by tracking either the X, Y or Z position of the players head there would be a significant diference when comparing a front facing player to a back facing player. My theory was wrong. To find which way the user is facing is a lot of headache and Im thinking of seeking help from a mathematician (Luckily I know a few who probably owe me a favor or two).

I wanted to use the data of which way the user is facing to influence the use of Binaural sound. In effect, the user would turn to the left but all of the objects they were interfacing with would silmultaenous move in the opposite direction, or simply put – they would remain in the same place.

Game Map

Im planing to create a game map (non-visual of course) that is very similar to basic old-school RPGs. You will remember from titles such as Final Fantasy 5 and below, Pokémon and all the world maps on Super Mario that they follow a simple framework. A very basic layout with marked events. These events can be gifts (Weapons, upgrades, money, etc) or they can be a portal of sorts (Enter a new level, mode or town).

To create this sonically, each event will have it’s own sonic footprint, a clearly established sound that will increase in amplitude as you draw closer to it. This concept hasn’t been developed largely due to the game, currently, not having any movement within it.


Im no mathematician, but I know a couple people who delve into that side of life. So Im going to hunt them down and work through some Einstein like equations.

I might buy a whiteboard this weekend, just to look even cooler ;).

– k3n.


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