Sonic Kinect v2.0

On Friday I had the oppourtunity to sit down with one of my lecturers and go through what had been developed so far. I showed him all, from what has been made to some rough coding, all the way to potential ideas. It made me realise that I have progressed a lot more than i previously thought. However, after showing him the game he had a few very simple question,

What is the main objective of the game?

What is it that the player will get at the end of this game?

Which, as simple a question it may be, was something I had been asked before, but also, it’s something I had not asked myself. I got so wrapped up in coding these scene perfect levels, no flaws, no bugs, that I forgot about simple mechanics. So I took a moment to review it all. The frameworks of the majority of Games work as such:

To begin, you are given an object < Incentives are added to reward good gameplay < Once the objective is achieved some form of reward is met. < Skills / Techniques / Abilities learnt while conquering smaller tasks are used to complete one final task.

Funny, that almost pretty much summarizes my whole university life… Except, I wish there were more little incentives ;). Anyway, it is with this I bring you the new Sonic Kinect [v2].

The Premise

Moving from a strictly narrated story that requires interaction through reaction, I’m shifting the genre to a more musical height. The concept is to compose and create your own song through use of the Kinect. Following the framework above, you will learn how to control all given parameters through small objectives (Pitch, Amplitude / Velocity, Timing) however further on im hoping to introduce the control of effects (Delays, Tremolos, Distortions, etc) to create very varied pieces.

For the game to have an objective that is aesthetic is where I think i will struggle most. This is to have your final piece, sound or song uploaded onto Soundcloud (Something like and you can download this and keep it.

There are a few other extra features I am contemplating to include but I think i will keep those hidden for the time being as I want to focus and get the intial idea off the ground before I become over zealous.

Alrighty then, C U :D!

– k3n.


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