The Wekinator


What my eyes have seen and my ears have heard has made me glad!

This is a piece of software that I’ve dreamed about using for a little while now. Those of you who keep up to date within the realm of Kinect Hacks will know that Microsoft recently released their SDK (enabling people to develop with all the tools necessary) on Windows. I was reading all sorts of wonderful things, all the way down to being able to sync to the Kinect without doing the PSI Pose. However, three wonderful people from Princeton University must have heard my cry and have created the Wekinator.

The Wekinator

The team describe the Wekinator as follows;

The Wekinator is a free software package to facilitate rapid development of and experimentation with machine learning in live music performance and other real-time domains. The Wekinator allows users to build interactive systems by demonstrating human actions and computer responses, rather than by programming.

And that is exactly what it can and will do. It is able to Learn and Read gestures but not only will it hold a list of gestures it has been taught, the package is also able to be trained. This is to say, If you were to do the ‘Superman Pose’, It wouldn’t be identical to someone of a different height, body shape, weight, distance, etc. What the element of trainning does is a very simple concept with some heavy mathematics. The Wekinator will learn gesture one, the the user will train it by doing the same gesture in a very slightly different manner (Further back, arm not as outstreched, etc). The program will then calculate the differences between Pose[1] and Pose[2] and create it’s own mappings for the gesture to accustom both.

Pros / Cons

Quite simply, Im in love… It’s getting quite close to the deadline for my Final Project and with anything technological there is always the potential for error.

  • There is the possibility that I re-code what I have made so far in order to use The Wekinator as my main interface between the Kinect.
  • Im not sure how stable it is if it were on for long hours.
  • Im confident that I could learn it’s intricacies in time to create some intuitive gaming.
  • Over complicating in short time frames is not something that reaps many benefits.

So I’ve decided that Im going to carry on the path that I’ve chosen and leave the Wekinator as an option for the next fork in the road, roundabout, T-Junction, whatever it might be.

I guess really this post is more to scream and shout:

Look! Gesture Recognition!

So now I’ve done that, I can go back to my quite corner of coding.

That’s all Folks!



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