No updates? Did you die?

The mere fact that you are reading this gives you reason to believe that someone wrote it… So Im not dead, if i do die, ill let you know as soon as I get Wi-Fi up there.

So what’s been happening? Where have i been? Why no blogs? The answers to all of those are very simple. I like to spend a fair amount of time making sure what Im writing and putting up here has a strong quality level. Like most things, this takes time. Now, simultaneous to posting about Sonic Kinect obviously I was working towards a deadline. The closer this got, the more difficult it was to get a blog up that fully explained each stage, as I was more focused on the deadline.

Luckily, Im someone who has far too many thoughts that cannot, like me, stay still for too long. So all the blog posts and Ideas are currently drafts, half posts and such. So really and truely, I just need to complete them. I had my exam last week wednesday, some celebrations may have occurred between then and now. That’s done, its back to reality.

Expect the following all this week: Tons of pics, some nonsensical videos and above all, some interesting developments within our beloved Sonic Kinect.

For those of you Interested Sonic Kinect now has it’s very own twitter. You can follow us @SonicKinect which will essentially have all the smaller updates that arent quite blog worthy and also when and where you will be able to play the game!

If you live in England and you’re reading this. I hope you get out as much as you can. The weather is too nice to be cooped up indoors. Laptops are very much wireless if you are complaining that you have a lot of work on.

That’s all for now folks.

Chau para now :).


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