Room Construction (Part I)

Every man, or atleast a large majority of us, pride ourselves on our skills. The abilities we have, things that we can openly say that we’re the best at. For some its art, music. Others maybe a discipline sport like Muay Thai boxing, Jujitsu. Above all of these skills, there is one which is almost a certificate of maniless. Yes, thats right, DIY.

Now allow me to explain myself. Since completing my assesment, my exam. I have been at Uni more than ever. It makes no sense right? You finish Uni then you go to uni? Well, its simple. Those of us with installations, like myself, have built and painted our own rooms. Days of blood, sweat and predominantly tears have gone into making our old lecture room look like the sleekest and most suave looking gallery known to music-kind (See what I did there?)

After finishing the exam, comes the degree show. The time where people of various backgrounds, music, drama, radio, games, fashion, sports, film, everything. They will visit the university and see the latest and greatest creations of final year students. It is with this said, I can honestly say, I have spent about a week (in hours) on my hands and knees (carefully) painting floor after wall between joint, nook and cranny for the love of art…. Or cause Im not a great fan of failling my degree.

Attached you will find some pictures of how this has been done. In this section of our “Room Construction” series, we shall begin the journey with the basic setup. Laying down the floorboards, determining room sizes, putting up walls and doors, pausing for improvised Jenga. In part II we move onto painting which is where the heartbreak and heartache may begin.

Until part twooooooooooooooo *Said as if falling down an infinite well.*

(Apologies to those who have watched, and are scared of, the grudge. Briginning back such a vivid memory was not my intention.)

– k3n


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