I feel like writing.

Hey, long time… I know, i know. It’s me, not you. I say Im gonna post more, then I go off and do other projects. It’s wrong, and Im sorry about that.

Forgive me? Cool :).

Right, Im sitting on this coach for the next 45mins… That’s enough time to ramble a few things.

As normal, Ive been involved in a few things recently and they have mostly left me falling asleep halfway through sentences. One of them was Graduation.

I have to admit, I wasn’t going to go to the ceremony. For those of you who have Graduated and been to that ceremony will know how some of their costs are not exactly, “well calculated” and how the sum of these costs is not exactly, enjoyable. However, My parents told me I had to go, had to get that infamous picture (Which we missed! Another story for another day). It was kind of a really good decision to go. Graduation is one of the last times you’ll see people for maybe weeks or maybe years possibly forever, and to miss out on that because you and money struggle to be apart, is probably something worth thinking about.

So after Graduation is done what happens? Reality kicks you hard bro (8). That dream of throwing your graduation cap in the air and when it lands there are 10 headhunters trying to get your attention… Yeah, no matter how many times I dream about it, it didn’t happen. The reality is, what you put in, you get out. I made the mistake of applying to jobs after graduating. It’s not a good idea.

There’s no harm in applying to a job, say 6months in advance, and saying to them “Im currently studying a degree that finishes in may / june / when ive fully run out of money and move back to my mum’s.” – you may need to reword that last part. If you’re at Uni, you could always try and see if you could do some part time or temp work, if you can, in the field that you’re interested in.

That covers what I was doing. The here and the now is a bit more interesting. Remember I mentioned that I was on a coach? It’s destination is work. Im a working man, for the moment. If you’ve found this blog, it’s due to you knowing that I am, or one of my projects is, very geeky. My Dad managed to get me a job doing some desktop support (IT support) which has been pretty interesting. It was only supposed to be a month but its been extended for an extra month which is cool. I got moved to the mobile support department (Yup, they deploy so many phones that they have a dedicated team.) I have heard some of the most interesting questions about phones, creative methods of self repair, people in absolute stress over when their iPhone will be with them, dont forget that the company is paying for this, not them.

Obviously having fulltime work isnt enough to keep me busy, the band stuff is as always progressing. An EP is on it’s way, and it will be COMPLETELY FREE! Trust me, all of your facebooks and twitters will know. We’ve been doing a whole load of gigs (Stockwell festival was a personal favourite and you see that here – www.youtube.com/offbeatlondon )

Icing on the cake? Well, there’s that famous phrase “I’ll sleep when Im dead.” My own is “Ill sleep all day on saturday” and there is no one or nothing that can wake me up. Believe me, it is a dangerous line between a coma and deep sleep. I was recently involved with a interactive Kinect project for NoobGallery down in Brighton. – Check out their website, definately worth following. The project involved Zelda, Metal Gear Solid and interactive music making. As I was working, I didnt even get a chance to see it for my self (The truth is, My mum gave my macbook and Kinect to Leo, the gallery’s designer and owner, at the train station). He got some videos of the piece so hopefully Ill upload it here and explain more.

Ok, that’s probably suficient rambling for a monday morning. Plus im really hungry and want to focus my brainpower on doing absolutely nothing ;).



3 thoughts on “I feel like writing.

  1. Jordan says:

    My god you don’t have ramble. Glad to see you’re updating the blog again.
    How is the work going? How are you finding it? I bet it wasn’t what you imagined when doing the infamous IT Support (woop woop, big up the IT crew…)

    • IT support has two elements, users and techncians. With both elemenents, there’s always something fun going on. All techicians are like grumpy old men, the only difference is they’re really good at pretending they’re calm and relaxed for the majority of the time!
      Cause i get the coach in, i have free hands! So yeah it’s all kinda, sitting into place. How about you? (P.S. installed Skyrim last night).

      • Jordan says:

        I will give you a decent response via email when I get a chance today. Where’s the coach from and does it take you directly to the office?

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