Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Ft. Nile Rogers & Pharrell)

Most artists reach a peak with their album releases and their touring all over the globe and then go on a career break. During this time they try and live a normal life, I would assume see friends or family. Daft Punk however, chose to do something different. They chose to time travel.

Daft Punk are back and on their
travels, travelling through the inter-galatic planetarium of time, (Yes, I know… Lame) it would seem they’ve brought back a gift in the form of disco. Now I’m a lover of most kinds of music (I showered to Symphony and Metallica just the other day – this is no joke). However, let’s take a moment to really analyse this gift.

The duo from France have created some of my favourite songs, for many aspects – making me dance, attempt to robotize my own voice without the aid of effects – this project didn’t fair so well, but above all… They have given me many fine examples of how even the smallest sample can be developed into an album that is still fascinates my musically charged mind.

With that said, I guess what I’m trying to say that I’m slightly let down by their latest release. Although it features some big names in the music game (Nile, Pharell)… Im not entirely sure the world would have had the same reaction if it was released by your average band. Imagine, Offbeat South – Get Lucky… Even I can admit that it’s not really causing the same excitement as seeing Daft Punk. The song is a good solid 4 to the floor groove with a bassline that feels like its forever ready to do more. Topped off with the traditional funky licks on guitar. But other than that, The only element of what we know as daft punk enters the song towards the end. The smallest, 30 or so, seconds of robotised vocals.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the song. You may have even caught me singing the chorus with my eyes closed as if i made it… But I suppose i just wish there was more Electronic elements, that Daft Punk sonic footprint.

Still, who knows…. The album could be quite a surprise. You never know with these two 🙂


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