Shakka – Tribe

By now, you will have realised that I mostly take time to write about what inspires me, intrigues or captures my attention. You may have noticed that my attention is easily capture by shiny objects, geeky objects and of course most musical objects. However, on this occasion… I’d like to point out that this post in particular… Is more than “capturing interest.”

I’ve been following Shakka for a while now. First introduced to his Shakkapellas – I could write a whole new post on my obsession with these. But I’ll leave that for you to define. After finding him on Twitter, he was promoting his new free EP. This was “The Shakka Crown Affair.” Which, again… Another blog post. But… The real reason why I’m babbling and hyping? This:


To describe it in a few words would forever would result in elipses. It’s not possible. It’s a soulful blend of Gospel Grooves, Catchy vocal hooks, band diven selection of 6 tracks. The well placed call & respond vocal riffs glue all these things together to make it not only festival friendly but perfect for fighting the inner child tin you. That urge to burst out into song on your monday morning commute.

Im a huge fan of all live music, obviously because I’m in a band that promotes this, but this EP connects with me because it mixes many of my favourite elements. The gospel chops from the drummer, spaced out bass lines giving breathing space for catchy guitar riffs and vocal hooks. It’s like a really good cake…. That you never knew had Jam in the centre.


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