I’ve always been against them. If you think about what a diet is, it’s really quite a demanding task. Im all game for new challenges in life – Logic 10 comes out, i want to use it and master it. GTA 5 is released, I consider my life / work balance to see where I can fit time for life & work around the game. However, a diet is something i would have never done 5-6 months ago.

  • I can only eat this much in a day?
  • I need to avoid carbs like the plague
  • If I want to snack, all those beautiful chocolates and biscuits are replaced by fruit?
  • Some fruits are actually carbs?! – This one is genuinely true.
  • So you may have guessed but I started a diet on 1st September. I read loads on the internet, spoke to friends that have already gotten onto the health wagon and asked them all “What’s the quickest, and safest, way to loose weight in about a month?” The general response, “Eat Less.” I come from a family where if you’ve eaten to the point where you pretty much pass out (the itis / food sleep) someone will tell you, “There’s more food!” When you wake from your food induced slumber. I can’t simply “Eat Less.” You are asking me to turn back on 23 solid years of eating as if I were going to hibernate.

    Luckily, when speaking to others, another answer appeared. A middle ground if you will. “Cut out the carbs.” They are the ones that are helping you maintain the belly, get rid of them, get rid of the flubber. I thought that was it. I avoid chips and stuff like that and weightloss, here i come. I was so right, yet so wrong. Let me define the “And Stuff” part, considering we’re aware that chips are on the forbidden list.

    Rice, Yam, Potatoes, Chips (naturally), Pasta (definitely avoid), bread, croissants, bagels, baps and beyond. I used to eat rice pretty much daily, if not 3-4 times
    Per week, minimum. If there was no rice, yam or potatoes were the happy subsititutes. When life takes your carbs away, the substitutes are also carbs. Do not forget this.

    Moreover, “Meal Deals” – Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison, all of you vendors of calorific goodness. Why, please tell me, why would you make something so nicely packaged, quick and easy yet so wrong. In some instances getting a Kebab is healthier than these things (Well, minus the pita and chips). All of these quick meals are just silent fatties that attack a poor unsuspecting victim like my hunger. Especially if i was going to follow the “Eat Less” approach, this would have been a terrible idea.

    However, like all things… There is a suspended 7th, some strings in the mix, or in English – light at the end of the tunnel (yes, I know music jokes will never be funny… To non-musicians :D). I can, and do, eat a fair amount as what we will class as “better foods”. Realistically, there’s no such thing as good and bad. uf you can burn it off you can eat it.

    Chicken – lots of protein, not exactly a number cause of obesity, when it’s not deep fried. Im eating a lot more of this.

    Fruits – Grapes primarily as other fruits are naturally high in sugars and some, like apples, in carbs. Bananas or, if we’re feeling slightly more extravagant, blueberries.

    Vegetables – Again, ive detested them for many years out of shear ignorance. My excuse, my first experience was with Brocoli…. I can be forgiven for not trusting the rest. Lettuce, Gherkins (funnily enough, Polish Gherkins – that’s another story), mushrooms, tomato – but that is by force not choice. They’re too juicy (and i know they’re a fruit but who eats actually clases them as fruit when eating them? They sit with vegetables).

    Liquids – I drink a lot more water. Although there is a myth that this fills you up, it does actually keep your mouth and mind busy. When you want to snack, take a few gulps of water. You’ll realise two things very quickly. The first – How much you think about snacking which is quite suprisingly high. The second, how god your body is at not telling you “we should go to the toilet” and instead prefers “Yo man . We gotta go. Now!”

    In summary – Diets arent so bad. Dont kill yourself by eating nothing, but be aware that there are a lot more options than “The Celary Diet”.

    I’m not a nutriosinist, and nor am i skinny – therefore all the above could be lies. Im just a guy that believes that if you manage it, its not the biggest problem. Also, im doing a lot more excercise, daily. But that’s something ill save another blog but its quite amazing how 5mins of workout can leave you questioning life ;).


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