Back Up / Format / Fresh Start

Those of you that are slightly more in touch with your nocturnal MMORPG side will understand me when I say, sometimes you’ve just got to format it all and start again.

I decided that the hard drive data I’ve maintained since 2009, without losing any real significant data, needed refreshing. Of course there’s a number of files that I have that I needed to port over (Media files from various trips, gigs, practices, etc, projects from Final Cut, Reason, Ableton, Logic, etc). However, instead of doing a ‘Ghost’ / ‘SuperDuper’ transfer, I formatted my new 1TB Hard Drive and just copied the raw media files and Music Projects. Other than that, no presets were kept. No favourites, no nothing!

Honestly, It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time for a few reasons.

  1. My Laptop is running smoother than my skin (Super silky! *Puts on Hater-Shades*)
  2. I have more control over my filing system – needless to say it was a half organised mess. I knew where things were, but wan’t entirely happy with them.
  3. I’ve got complete control of what I’m downloading. As It’s a Macbook, there’s no ‘official’ way of uninstalling apps. This time round, I’m installing things that I’ll actively use – not things that I want.
  4. It’s like a spring clean for your Hard Drive – After you’ve spent time deciding on what’s truly important. You’ll soon realise that you’ve got a ton of ‘stuff’ that you’ve been saving for later. Well, now you can see it in plain view, all organised and colour coded.
  5. You may develop a temporary, very very temporal, infliction to OCD. I find myself deleting items in the downloads folder out of fear it’ll end up like my last HD which had about 434 folders named “downloads”.

So if you take any advice from the above post – Consider doing this task. It did take me about 2-3 days (including the time it took to copy the data) to complete the process. But hey, I’m happy!

Now I need to sign off with a clever hard drive joke.


*Wheel spins off*

(I know, It’s poor 😦 ).


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